How we can help your business?

Offsite Storage

Business records are information lifeblood of modern business operations. Whether in digital or paper form, it is only a question of time before some crucial piece of information becomes a bottleneck to a decision process – in the best case – or required for compliance, audit or litigation – in the worst.

CDT Offsite Storage services combine Certified Records Management practices, media and electronic vaulting services, document classification and web based software to create the most effi cient working environment for: Control, Storage, Retrieval, Transportation, and Destruction. CDT-Global has a global network of off site storage suppliers operating in over 50 countries around the world.

Data Center Management

CDT offers a cost-effective suite of data center solutions that increase efficiency and significantly reduce operating cost by outsourcing day-to-day management, Wintel support, data center engineering, media management, monitoring & system administration, DC Design, Network Solutions, data migration and data center consolidation.

CDT provides services to clients around the world through our global delivery centers and partners in North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Data Center Design

Looking to build your own data center? Or perhaps you need to reconfigure. CDT-Global offers state-of-the-art, customized data center design services. Our consultants will listen to your specific needs and can lead you through the process, start to finish. Give us a call and let our team of experts help design the perfect high energy density, high reliability environment your business needs.

Records Management

Records Information Management (RIM) is crucial for businesses looking to maintain a leading edge. A properly integrated RIM strategy can prepare and protect your business from data loss, latency and unnecessary risk. It can even increase employee productivity and open up untapped revenue sources. CDT-Global offers a suite of RIM services and can customize a solution to ensure your business stays on top of its record liabilities.